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Private tutoring

If you're wanting to learn how to draw caricatures yourself, you're in the right place! Marietta has been teaching the art of caricature for a decade, starting with training at Kansas City's Worlds of Fun. She now offers private lessons alongside her 1-hour Draw Caricatures with Marietta at the Mid-Continent Public Libraries.

Dip your Toes!

Take a 1-hour caricature course FREE with the

Mid-Continent Public Library!


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Dig Deeper!

Private tutoring offers 1-on-1 in-depth teaching

on the art of quick caricature sketches!


Experienced in both the student and teacher side.

Marietta knows what it's like to be in the student's chair: She started drawing caricatures professionally at just 15 years old.  She would go on to lead the exact same training she went through to learn caricatures before moving on from retail.  For the past decade, Marietta has offered her services as a private tutor to many students, from those with absolutely no art background to current event artists looking to refine their skills.  Their improvement in JUST ONE SESSION with Marietta is astounding!  Take a look:


Customized to fit your needs!

Marietta can teach a wide range of ages, from 10 to 100!  Each session is customized to fit you or your child's current skill set.  Most average about 4 sessions to draw black and white caricatures in five minutes, two more sessions for color and two more sessions if they'd like to learn bodies.  You can stop after black and white or you can order more sessions to truly refine your skill and dive into exaggeration or other mediums.  How far you go is entirely up to you!


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